Japan Increasing Traffic Jams Caused By Tour Buses

On the peak, the tour buses that connect the tail to each other this is the cause of traffic jams, traffic accident.

tokyo trafic jam

On the peak, the tour buses that connect the tail together, “collectors” of tourists come from the high-end shopping district Ginza and Akihabara electronics quarter and many another famous area in Tokyo. This problem is the cause of traffic jams, TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS and also the challenge for the Government.

“The wall” bus

The evening of the last a day, although on weekends but the street Chuo Dori, Ginza, Tokyo, buses still lined up long before the Department store, a fashion of the shopping centre. Lanes, congestion also means that move extremely slowly. On the sidewalk, pedestrian flow is “the wall” bus obscured. Not long after, the same Chinese visitors tourists come from countries with current bag tantrum lém stores, drives back out, the bus waiting for available pickup.

“I’m glad to have many customers, but dealing with the bus carrying the tourists is also a problem,” an official of the Commercial and Industrial Association of Chuo Dori said. The Association currently has about 250 shops in Chuo Dori, and officials said this more, the big bus carrying foreign tourists have started to appear about two years ago. But it came in the morning, charged for about 5-10 minutes then go.

When all passengers are present right now, the lethal bus stops just a few moments. However, they delayed due to her shopping is inevitable. Therefore, these vehicles are forced to wait, sometimes for more than 30 minutes. “Even when the two buses parked in parallel. When the police warning, some rush cars without roll up close, ” an administrator of Cupidmentor.com at Chuo Dori complained.

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Lack of parking space

Tokyo buses are mostly not allowed to park on the street, in a location in the long run or stop near the Red lamps are traffic violations. However, when the police appeared, the buses leave in a hurry to move, making the situation becomes difficult to control. But the serious TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS involving tour buses pick-up, the drop-off has not yet occurred, but “If this traffic situation continues, I won’t be surprised when the accident occurred,” a senior officer in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department said.

This problem is becoming more severe by the lack of parking space. Currently, there is about 5 Ginza area can accommodate parking for at least 100 large buses. However, most of these are visitors to the Imperial Court of Japan, and some other points of Tsukiji market. A representative of the Kansai company, Operations Manager of the bus reserved for Chinese tourists, said: “If this area has much-dedicated parking for tour buses than we will not stop more time on the roads”.

To resolve this problem, to strengthen the management of Ginza neighborhood as well as other areas, the Tokyo Government has planned to search for open space, can accommodate large buses in the Centre of Tokyo. At the same time, called on industries to research bus operations more efficient. “We want to solve the problem of comprehensive, compatible with the nation’s travel policy,” senior officers of the Department of Transport said.

The Japanese Government attempted to welcome foreign visitors as part of the development strategy. The weakening of the yen under the Government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has increased the number of foreign tourists for the first time over 10 million by 2013.

As of the end of November this year, there are about 14.48 million tourists visited Japan, up over same period in 2014 is 13.41 million. In it, the volume of Chinese tourists accounted for about 30%.

Cheap Yet Beautiful Hotels in Tokyo


The Nice and cheap hotel in Tokyo Japan is quite the most expensive destinations in the world, the hotel rental price in the city also makes you have to cover most of the cost so much. However, there is a few cheap and beautiful hotel here to your reference.

With only 2500 yen for one place to sit back and 7000 yen for a double room, and a place of safety for those who travel the dust you would have thought at one of the cheap and beautiful hotels in Tokyo.

1. Anne Hostel Tokyo


‘Bed and breakfast ‘ is a name as well as the service in the Hostel Asakusabashi, where you will get a place to sleep and breakfast food. If you’re looking for a retro-style experience of Japan Horigo Tatsu (model sitting mats with little tables), and the option of a place to sleep with the futon beds (mattresses thick, and warm, cover the ground) in a traditional Japanese style room. A person from 2600 yen, it is double from 6800 yen.

2. The Guest House Khaosan Tokyo Ninja


While most of the dormitories of the Khaosan have clustered around the Asakusa area, this Motel is located behind city Bakurocho, where can go potty from Akihabara.


The design is “professional” then you would expect in a vacation home on average, with double bed and the room with the bed “cabin”, which you can see in the hotel staff but ran often. Rooms from 2200 yen a person, double beds 3000 yen per person.

3. Toco. Tokyo Heritage Hostel


Be owned by the people in hippie Tokyo, this led to the transformation of the House dates back to 1920 into a hotel for a population of phượt in traditional Japanese houses.

Finally, you will hardly find a traditional Japanese House that has both the Bar and the Lounge as in Toco. 2700 yen from gym, double rooms from 6500 Yen.

4. Tokyo Central Hostel


Also located in Asakusa, Tokyo Nui. Central Hostel is a suitable accommodation. Situated in a building used to be a toy factory, the scene overwhelmed by standard industrial arts, it’s clean and very pleasant.


The Lobby Bar is regularly an awesome place to relax after a long day of sightseeing the city. You can book a private room or in the gym. Rooms from 2700 yen a person, double 6800 yen.

5. Kangaroo Hostel


Kangaroo hotel attracts Japanese travelers, backpackers, business people and all those families because the price is affordable too. The Interior is a blend of the old and new furniture exposed to a white school in the lobby create the feeling for guests as are in a fashion showroom, but they also included some traditional Japanese rooms. A 3600 Yen, 5500 Yen double room